Dolce Sorpresa - Sweets and Treats  By Raffaella
Attention Notice:  Dolce Sorpresa is undergoing a business name change due to spelling issues. It will be now known as
Dolce Amar, (sweets to love).
The new website is:
The Dolce Sorpresa website will remain functioning for a while to inform new and current customers.

Welcome to Dolce Sorpresa the Italian translation of Sweet Surprise!

 My name is Raffaella and I came  from the island of Sicily located in Italy.
I am a self taught cake decorator

who is passionate in creating celebration cakes and sugar figurines.
I have always loved to bake cakes and I have deeply enjoyed their taste since I used to watch my mother and grandmother baking from scratch  to make the most delicious cake flavors!  
I love to design cakes for different occasions and to bake the most delicious birthday cakes with the finest ingredients around.
I am supported by an amazing husband and our two special little girls make my love for even more delightful.

I love to see the surprise in my children's eyes after I have finished decorating a cake or have created a sugar figurine and that is why I chose the name Dolce Sorpresa!
 I want to focus my  Dolce Sorpresa business on providing high-quality home made birthday cakes and celebration cakes to all my customers and to meet each unique expectation.
Look around and if you have any comments on the novelty cakes shown in the gallery or if you need help in creating your birthday cakes for a special event, please feel free to contact me.
 2 weeks notice for custom cake orders.
Dolce Sorpresa welcomes Birthday parties!!!
Would you like to organize a cupcake decorating party?
I will take care of everything! I will provide the materials and the cupcakes and all you have to do is just enjoy the fun!!!
Dolce Sorpresa is a licensed residential bakery located in Groton, MA.
I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come!
To contact me fill out the form you will find in the contact area
or just send me an email:
   phone: 978-3999547

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